Electronic Magneto ignition kit MO1 singles

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This kit is designed to fit inside your original Magneto body without having to do any modifications to the body, and to give the appearance that Magneto is standard , kit is a very low power consumption using only 6 watts of power when running, so suitable for use with a dynamo that only gives 60 watts maximum power, kit runs on 12v , can be used as negative or positive earth, it is easy to convert original 6 volt Dynamo by fitting a 6 to 12v regulator box converter, 12v battery and bulbs. Kit comes with ignition coil, modified pickups, wiring, on/off switch, main module that fits inside magneto body, and fitting instructions. The advance and retard ignition advance is controlled electronically.

Note that these kits are assembled to order and usually takes 3 to 4 weeks from date of order.

Kit is fitted inside your original magneto body, we only supply the kit internals, picture of our kit inside magneto body is for information only.

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Pre-unit B31 B33 Gold Star
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