Big end shells standard A10 A50 A65 Best quality

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Large journal type only.

The best quality bearing shells available on the market, made in the UK by Glacier

Tri-metal construction, steel backed with Bronze VP3P3 layer and a lead/tin copper plate surface for wearability and corrosion protection, and made to high precision (unlike some shells on the market that are not the same thickness all round)

Before fitting bearing shells, always check conrod housing is not oval, distorted or has any surface damage, also make sure crankshaft journals are ground to correct size and tolerances and surface finish, if fitting to existing used journals, please check sizes and surface for any damage or marks that may damage the bearing shells, if you need information on conrod housing sizes and crankshaft journal sizes please contact us.

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6 × 8 × 3 cm
0.09 kg
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A7 / A10
A50 / A65
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GB Standard