BSA A65 Head bolt set 1966-70 Forged & thread rolled Hi tensile

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SRM specially made bolts in UK , cold dropped forged bolts, thread rolled and heat treated to high tensile condition, then chemically blacked.

These are the best head bolts on the market, you will get correct lengths so cylinder threads will not get damaged, and a superior bolt for torquing down your cylinder head.

Washers are BSA specification part number 02.0861 heavy, designed so they can take the torque setting without distortion.​

Recommended torque setting is 30 ft lbs

Fits BSA A50 A65 1966-1970 Pre Oil In Frame models, these are to suit the heads fitted with all 3/8 dimeter head bolts. If you have an early engine 1962-1965 that has the two 5/16 rear head bolts, we have the bolts listed as 68.0338-EARLY, please note that these bolts are torqued to a lower setting of 18 ft lbs as they are smaller dimameter.

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0.5 kg
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A50 / A65
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